Behind the name Starofash we find the artist Heidi S. Tveitan. Situated in the wonderful and dark woods of Telemark, Norway, she writes music, lyrics and texts and captures moments with her camera. She is also a music producer at Mnemosyne Productions.


I am very happy to share the following announcement with you :) 
Mnemosyne Productions are proud to present the fourth album from Starofash, titled “Ghouleh”. This completes Heidi S. Tveitan´s 2013 project, where she wrote, recorded and released one song for each month of the year. The album contains all twelve songs, and finishes off with a bonus track.
Artwork and design by Ideophony. Photos by Heidi S. Tveitan.

This is a digital release, and is now available through most digital stores:
Ghouleh on iTunes 
Ghouleh on
Ghouleh on Google Play
And it’s also available on Spotify.

Haven My Heart

It will not wait for you

By the bus stop

Like the school bus did

When you were little

And knew the driver

That took you from one place

To another in this see through

Little town where you knew

All the faces you drove by

And perhaps waved to them too

Or blew that kiss in your mind

The time you fell in love

With the northern lights 

Above your golden head

But still a bit scared

They should take you away

All up to the star filled sky

Where you thought angels

Lived on clouds watching

And writing down every little 

Mistake you made but always

Ready to intervene for you

And keep you safe in the dark

When you walked home

Alone from a friend long gone

And all the things you knew

So well got scary 

Transforming into shadows

Zombies and ghosts so you ran

The fastest you could

Tramping in the door

Eyes all wide pulse like

A racing car gone for a test drive

And when you shut the door

Behind trembling little knees

You felt the everlasting

Warmth of a safe haven

And the sensation of being 

A superhero in disguise. 

My 2013 project completed on Winter Solstice

What’s more appropriate in my line of work than to release my last songs on the darkest day and time of the year? In ancient Norway, this used to be a dark day people feared, where a lot of things could go wrong if you did not take the proper precautions. On this day it was said that there should not be performed any kind of labour that involved circular motion. Some people also thought that when the sun turned, the cow’s horns would loosen and water would become wine. Let’s hope for the latter ;)

For those of you still interested in the process, please read on:

My September song, “Summer Goes Autumn”, is a quiet and minimalist track, with a dark twist. The lyrics and vocal lines build the foundation, and from there I worked out the careful arrangements and produced it thereafter.

In Norway it can often be difficult to see where October ends and November begins, as they are both shifting months that sometimes dress up in autumn, other times they go for the winter look. With that in mind, I created “Ghouleh” and “Translucent”.

“Translucent” is an uplifting, energized track with electronic and changing arrangements, and “Ghouleh” its remixed and rearranged dark ghost. 

Last one up for 2013 is “Isøde”, where I quietly contemplate winter and it’s heart, December. 

 A thousand thanks to my faithful listeners and cheerleaders, without you guys none of this soul digging would be worthwhile. Wishing everyone a lovely Xmas and a Happy New Year! Ønsker alle en god jul og et godt nytt år! See you in 2014 xx